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    In 2017, Hi-Target continued to increase investment and acquisitions.  1.Acquire Xi 'an Lingjing Technology Ltd in order to enter smart tourism. 2.Capital increase holdings the United Kingdom Hi-Pos company; 3.Set up visual acuity map and yunnan sea juju; 4.Joint venture to establish Boyuan Ltd, Beijing Lanchuang Ltd, Zhongming Survey Ltd; Hi-Target will further improve the space information industry chain through the capital layout, from "mapping" to "space information".

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    Hi-Target launched new products: GNSS RTK iRTK5、HiScan-C、3D Laser 、ARS-100 、iBeam 8120、iFly U0、 iFly D6、iBoat series usv、Qmini A5/A7. Hi-Target launched a number of new products, constantly breaking through the core technology to achieve product upgrading across.

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    Hi-Target actively to improve international influence in 2017: 1.Participate in the 33rd INTERGEO Exhibition in Germany; 2.Won the bid for the Turkish ministry of water resources project 450 GIS products; 3.Held HiScan-C Mobile Mapping System Tour in India, held iBoat BS2 Unmanned Surface Vehicle System Tour in Indonesia; 4.Donate three sets of CORS System to Fiji, build overseas maintenance center station and train overseas business personnel; Hi-Target has more visibility on the international stage by participating in overseas activities.

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    Hi-Target actively undertook social responsibility to donate school uniforms to 144 students at Daluo Primary School in Meizhou. And provide considerate services for examinees who participate in the registered surveyors exam across the country. And hold "gratitude appreciation" activity to acknowledge the gratitude of teachers of surveying and mapping education.