Powered by brushless DC propellers, the BS2 USV carries echo sounder or ADCP to reach wherever you want, to get jobs done swiftly and efficiently in manual or auto-pilot mode.










iBoat BS2 is a swift and intelligent surveying unmanned surface vessel with unmatched usability and professional hull design.
A high- performance single beam echo sounder, high-precision GNSS positioning and on-board data control and acquisition software that can be installed on the boat practically.
High-performance sounding module offers a measurement range from 0.15m to 300m, able to adapt to different working environments. Versatile applications can be done equipped with ADCP of side scan sonar.
Key Features
Portable and Stable Body Design
The net weight of BS2 is less than 14KG while the whole body size is small enough to fit into the booth of a car while the double M shape hull ensure the sailing stability facing the currents.
Professional Survey Echo sounder
Built-in echo sounder provides excellent sounding performance, with easy-to-use data collection and post processing software onboard.
Precise Auto-pilot
With the smart controlling system and powerful propellers, BS2 can reach to any targeted position within 10cm offset, provides precise survey lane.
Multiple Sensors Available Onboard
USV iBoat BS2 can carry not only echo sounder but also ADCP as well, for multiple survey applications.